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What is teletherapy?
How do I know if teletherapy is right for my child?

Teletherapy is a service delivery method that connects patients to a licensed therapist and allows the patient and the therapist to see, hear, and interact with each other during therapy through video. Teletherapy has been beneficial for many families during COVID-19 but has previously been used for many years. It has allowed individuals access to doctors or therapists due to shortages or inability to travel.

How do I know if teletherapy is the right therapy method for my child? Teletherapy has allowed all ages of children (yes even infants and toddlers) to receive quality speech and occupational therapy that they may not have access to otherwise.


We provide speech therapy services & occupational therapy services for a large variety of needs for all ages. We have successfully treated receptive and expressive language delays, childhood apraxia of speech, articulation disorders, AAC, feeding difficulties, fine motor delays, sensory regulation, visual processing deficits, and activities of daily living through telehealth services.

"We are new to speech therapy and our youngest son has been working with Melissa for several months now. Despite the fact that we’re limited to virtual sessions, her thoughtful and caring approach is evident. Thank you Melissa!" — Kiffany H.

Photo for Teletherapy & Telehealth

Telehealth looks remarkably similar to face-to-face therapy. 

With infants and toddlers, we use a parent as a “mini therapist.” We coach the parents through play with their child. This allows the parent to be more comfortable with the activities which, in turn, increases the likelihood that activities will continue throughout the week. This increased use of activities helps the child progress toward accomplishing goals at a faster rate. For older children, there is little different between face to face and teletherapy. The child and therapist are able to interact and participate in most activities that are conducted in face to face therapy.

Will insurance cover teletherapy?
A lot of insurance companies cover teletherapy.
However, every plan is different. You can contact your insurance company to verify benefits.

5 reasons to try telehealth:

  1. Increased convenience

  2. Flexible scheduling.

  3. Find experts and get the best treatment.

  4. Increases parent understanding and participation.

  5. Decreases the risk of exposure to viruses and other diseases.

"Jessie does a really good job with the kids. Due to COVID, we had to virtual appointments. She was able to adapt several techniques to get my song to use more words. I highly recommend her!" – Kristi E.

Telehealth may be a good fit for your child. We pride ourselves with ensuring our patients make progress towards their speech, language, & occupational therapy goals regardless of the delivery method (in-person or remote).

The first step is an easy conversation about your child's needs.

We'd like to prove we're a good fit with a free consultation.


"I contacted Rogers Bridge Pediatric Therapy prior to COVID-19 pandemic, where they provided at home services to evaluate my child’s speech. By doing that it really provided a better experience to allow us to feel more comfortable with the entire process. Once the pandemic impacted our area, we began virtual session with my child’s pathologist (Melissa). Although the sessions are virtual the results are still incredible, my child’s speech and confidence has improved greatly. I am truly thankful for Melissa and all the help that she has provided!"  – Katrice P.

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