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Getting Started

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Our team at Rogers Bridge Pediatric Therapy believes that every child can learn to communicate and successfully interact with their world with the appropriate intervention and support. Our highly qualified, well-trained therapists will work along with your family to design effective and practical strategies to help your child succeed. Using the latest evidence-based approaches, we maintain an effective, fun, and compassionate learning environment.

How do I get started with an evaluation?

Call us. We are here to help you determine if your child would benefit from occupational and/or speech therapy services. We offer a free consultation before scheduling an evaluation.


  • After an initial call, paperwork will be sent for you to sign with e-signature.
    The paperwork takes around 5-10 minutes to complete.

  • We schedule the occupational and speech evaluation.

  • We recommend that parents obtain a prescription prior to the evaluation (we can help with requests).

  • After the evaluation, we discuss the results and determine if occupational and/or speech therapy is needed.


How do I get started with therapy?

Our goal is to make this process easy and transparent. Our front office staff and therapists will follow the process below to make the transition into therapy as easy and quick as possible. We will be in touch if additional assistance is necessary.


  • Writing a Plan of Care...

    • A Plan of Care is written based on the information received from the evaluation.

    • This document outlines the goals and frequency of therapy for 6 months. 

    • After 6 months, we will conduct a re-evaluation or write a new Plan of Care.

  • After writing a Plan of Care we will send it to your child's Doctor to get signed.​

    • If the document is not returned promptly, we will request parent assistance.​

  • Once the Plan of Care is signed by the Doctor and returned to us, we will file a prior authorization with your insurance provider–if required.

  • Scheduling Therapy Sessions...

    • Once all necessary paperwork is completed, we will schedule therapy sessions.

    • We will do our best to accommodate your schedule while providing a consistent time for weekly sessions.


If you already have an evaluation within 6 months, we will review the evaluation and get your child started with therapy.

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