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Why can't

my child talk to me?

Rogers Bridge » Childhood Apraxia of Speech

“It’s like he knows what he wants to say but he can’t get the message out of his mouth” is the concern
of some parents who contact us.


When speaking with a parent about their concerns, I immediately follow up with several questions related to Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS). Can your child produce a variety of consonants or do they use mostly vowels? Does your child say words the same way each time or is it different? Although difficulties vary, if a child produces mostly vowels or as inconsistent productions of words, we need to consider the possibility of CAS.

We're passionate about your child's needs.

"Jessie Willis is such an amazing person. Jessie always has a smile in her voice, I think that’s what makes Adam want to work with her. She is also very patient with the kids. She is not just Adam’s speech
therapist Jessie has grown to feel like a member of our family. Thank you for helping Adam he has come along way and it’s all thanks to you. God bless." — Debi B. 

Photo for Childhood Apraxia of Speech

At Rogers Bridge Pediatric Therapy,

we believe that all children

can learn to communicate effectively.

We will work with your child and family to determine

warm and effective strategies which,

incorporated into your daily life, will serve to improve your child's ability to produce speech.

The first step is an easy conversation about your child's needs.

We'd like to prove we're a good fit with a free consultation.


"I would highly recommend Rogers Bridge Pediatric Therapy and Jessie to any family who has a child that may need some assistance with their speech and\or feeding. My son has Apraxia which has caused issues with feeding as well. Jessie has been working with my son since he was 2 and she has been amazing. Jessie has now become a part of our family. Due to COVID, the schools closed down and my son was able to get therapy from the county, but Jessie was able to keep therapy going and we are forever thankful for that. I know doing therapy can be hard to do through the computer but Jessie makes it very easy looking and engaging to the children."   Tami S.

What exactly is CAS?

CAS is a disorder that impacts a person’s ability to produce verbal language. People with this affliction know the message they want to convey, but their brains do not correctly tell the muscles of the mouth how to move. CAS is not something that can be outgrown. However, with the correct intervention, children can learn to communicate verbally. CAS can be mistaken for other disorders, like articulation or expressive language delay. However, this difficulty is vastly different. CAS requires a skilled speech therapist for evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment in order for the child to progress in their verbal speech.

"Jessie has worked with my son for two years - he's now eating on a regular basis and learning how to communicate. I also feel that she's given me the tools to work with him at home. It's a relief to actually look forward to therapy sessions with no tears." – Anika J

5 Signs of Childhood Apraxia of Speech:

  • Limited babbling and little variation in babbling.

  • Inconsistent production of words.

  • Loss of previously produced words.

  • Difficulty progressing towards more difficult words or longer utterances.

  • Vowel errors and distortions.

Does your child demonstrate any of these signs?

We're happy to provide more insights. Reach out to us to learn more.

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